The first round of the Revo ACU British MX Championship took place this weekend at Culham MX Park with the team bringing something special to the event with two beautiful RM250 two stroke race bikes for Nev Bradshaw to race in the ultra competitive MX2 class with some of the fastest national and international racers on the planet.

As is normal with SR75 Suzuki we enjoy a great challenge and Nev brought that with his request to see if we could build a 2005 RM250 to race this highest level event against the fastest MX2 bikes available and with the permission and support from Suzuki GB in conjunction with Tim Davies in the SUZUKI GENUINE PARTS department we were able to build two amazing bikes with genuine parts to compliment our aftermarket team partners equipment to bring the bikes to an incredible level.

With Nev being a rider of experience and determination we knew the next part of the challenge would be the toughest as we looked to set a target of running a top ten result in at least one Moto with a total of approximately 20 minutes shake down testing on the bike before the race weekend. Nev is just our kinda guy!!!

Qualifying went really well with Nev getting the feel for the bike and at the flag he sat in 14th within a second of a top 6 time which was very pleasing indeed.

With lots of discussion leading up to Moto 1 about the start and the fact Nev had only left a metal grid start once in his many years of racing coupled with the fact he had never done a start on the RM before we went to the line with our usual ‘go for it’ attitude and Nev sure didn’t disappoint.

The man got an incredible start as he rounded the first turn with the top guys just off the front of the pack and battled inside the top ten for the first lap. The next ten minutes were brilliant as Nev moved up as high as 7th with some amazing racing on the toughest track of the year. Of course the pace would tell and Nev settled into the race to ride with a brilliant calm to battle to an absolutely incredible 9th position after a brutal 30 plus minutes of full gas action.

Race two and the RM was ready for more battles. The second Moto was a brilliant show of what motocross is all about as Nev battled the best young guys in the MX2 class with a blanket being able to be thrown over the group from 6th to 15th as they all took up the same real estate on the track sometimes 6 abreast on the downhills…. Absolutely brilliant… Nev gave it his all and in the end he raced harder and with more intensity than Moto 1 to grab 14th at the flag to claim an out of this world top ten overall finish on the day. This was a dream result on a dream machine with a man who never gives up.

Geoff Walker:

“Today has been amazing. Nev fits so well with the SR75 Suzuki dynamic and once again he has proved his class with a performance above expectation at this stage of the year on a bike he has never raced before. What we have done as a team has been great fun and a great challenge with the incredible support from Suzuki and Suzuki Genuine Parts who, along with all our team sponsors realise and see our vision for a new style of team showcasing the very best this incredible sport of motocross and all things off road have to offer on all levels. Thanks as always to our team partners, Nev and to Tony and Liam for keeping everything perfect in the pits”

Nev Bradshaw:

“What a day, we have had so much fun but every lap was brutal on track. I felt a little rusty as it is a long time since I have raced an ACU British Championship race and the intensity was off the scale with great battles going on every second of both motors. I loved it. The bike was amazing and we really couldn’t ask for more by running in that golden top ten… Thanks to SR75 Suzuki, Suzuki GB and all of the teams partners and to my personal sponsors, family and all the amazing fans here today”


Photo credit: Too Fast Media