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The 3rd stop of the tour in Birmingham brought a fantastic and ‘real’ track with great dirt, big whoops and bigger rhythm sections meaning a big step up in performance would be required from our AXUK FUTURES rookie Sammy Dyer. With Luke having to sit this one out with his shoulder injury the pressure was on for SD after his great scores of 3-6-4-6-4-5 so far in Belfast and Aberdeen.

Birmingham was all about trying to get Sam to push himself and show his potential. For a lad who has never raced anywhere near National level SD is coping well and our ‘AXperiment’ to take a total novice and try to gain a great level of success in just a few weeks has been a great experience so far.
With a much more Supercross style track and firmer ground the timing would be key and Sam was tense going into his first experience of ‘on-off’ timing rhythms etc.

We have worked on giving Sam the best SR75 RMZ250 with an amazing set up to be able to tackle the more difficult challenges in Arenacross and this all helps with confidence.

Timed session 1 and Sam grew in confidence and speed to end up with a solid 3rd place time for the first time in the tour. This was a big step up and the ‘performance’ was beginning to build with Sam linking the rhythms with more speed in the corners. The RMZ250 is the best cornering dirt bike on earth in our opinion and SD was getting to grips with this and beginning to push.

Timed Qualifying session 2 seen another step in performance with Sam getting closer to the top guys which is what we have been working towards.
With this massive step up in class Sam has coped well so far but was now starting to look stronger In confidence on this bigger track. P3 in session 2 with over a second gap to 4th really was a big step up.

AXUK FUTURES FINAL 1 – A defining moment…
Sam’s starts are getting better but we still have a way to go on them so it was a mid pack start and a tough block hook up in the first turn which made for another interesting first lap. Sam was under no illusion he had to try be away with the top guys on lap 1 and with him buried in the pack he knew he had to ‘send’ the finish double on lap one even in heavy traffic which somehow he managed to do… Sam was fired up and the next three laps where quite extraordinary as he powered passed riders he had struggled to deal with before. Sam’s pace around the track in those laps was great with incredible whoop speed which seen him move to second place and closing on the leader who was gone in clear air….. Just for a moment it was awesome to watch a young man executing everything asked of him in a professional manner….. A wild moment in the whoops would send Sam off track (this is Futures racing after all and it’s meant to be wild) but he recovered to come home 3rd which would give him a shot at his dream of a podium in the night show 2nd Final.

The 9 hour break between finals is tough on the kids and non pro classes who are all amazing in what they do. Sam warmed up and of course was nervous as that dream podium was within grasp.

Off to another average start Sam went about his business in this final without showing his flare and higher speed of final number 1 but riding with nerves and a bit of stress to not make a costly mistake. Sam was solid without taking risk and this strategy worked as SD brought his RMZ to the chequers in 2nd place to take a brilliant P2 PODIUM and fulfill a dream.

Sam Dyer #101 AXUK FUTURES
P2 Overall Birmingham
P4 Championship with one round to go.
“I am so happy, this is a brilliant feeling, I can’t really believe it. This is so much fun and I appreciate everyone very much. I felt great earlier in the day and my bike was brilliant. My first final felt unreal until my little off track moment, it was amazing to see the team happy with that performance, the night show final I rode so tight as I wanted that podium so badly and we got it but I know I must ride better to keep the boss happy. Thanks as always to everyone who helps us, and I can’t wait for Wembley to race with these good guys again.”

Geoff Walker

“It was nice to see Sam really apply himself today to improve and focus on his speed. To see his performance improve throughout the morning sessions was very pleasing with his technique and confidence growing into actual speed rather than survival.
We have asked a lot of Sam to step into this and it is fantastic to see him grow as a racer and person through this challenge. Personally I need to see the performance and Sam’s first final of the day showed me he has what it takes to move forward and develop much further as a racer. As always a massive thanks to Suzuki GB to Triwater Ltd, to Sam for his work, to Wayne and Tony for keeping things rolling in the pits this series and of course to all our team partners and supporters who make all this so much fun every day. Let’s go Wembley Finale”


Photos credit: The Locals