Another rollercoaster ride for the team and an amazing result to end the tour as champions….

Round 5&6 of the 2019 AXUK Tour took place at the Fly DSA Arena in Sheffield.

With both Charles and Valentin holding second place in their respective championships and the team with a 12 point deficit going into the final 2 rounds it was going to be a battling weekend!!

Day 1 began brilliantly with Valentin riding his awesome SR75 Suzuki RM-Z250 on a different level to take pole position and fastest times of the day across all classes. This was a fantastic thing to witness as VT was at one with his bike to a level rarely seen.

Charles was riding smooth and looking forward to the racing with second fastest in class.

We would suffer a tough break as a sickness hit Valentin just before the first final of the night. We knew the night was going to be tough but this twist as well as Charles suffering with illness brought a new level.

Both guys dug I’m in their first Finals and led for many laps before ending 2nd.

Valentin’s second final would see a massive case on the finish jump landing on lap one see him damage his wrists and ankles but thankfully he was able to somehow battle back in this final to take an amazing 2nd place.

Charles again rode solid to take another 2nd place to show his class as he worked on finding the speed to push for his best performance.

The Superfinal was going to be a tough run as we weren’t sure if Valentin could ride. Not only did he ride he Holeshot and led half the race while Charles was battling from a gnarly first lap in the pack.

4-5 was disappointing in the end but we were very proud of the guys performance as they never stopped fighting to get us back into the team championship contention finishing the night just a single point off the lead.

Round 6. The Finale.

With treatment for the illness and injury going late into the night to get both Valentin and Charles as ready as possible for the finale we looked forward to seeing how Qualifying would go.

Charles stepped up to just a fraction behind Championship leader Greg Aranda to finish a close second and Valentin ride with a professional head to take third in qualifying while testing his injuries.

The night show would bring a good pressure with the riders knowing they had to perform in all the finals to secure their 2nd place podiums in both the AX Lites and AX 450 Championships as well as pushing for the Team Championship which had become a real goal….

Valentin blasted his RM-Z 250 into an incredible Holeshot in his first final and showed just how big his heart was. Valentin’s ride in this final was amazing as he pushed with class to show that nothing was going to keep him down.

Charles had an issue at the start of the first 450 Final and had to come from last to a brilliant 4th and he showed the same fighting spirit which we demand here at SR75.

Both riders would have to battle hard from out of the pack in their respective finals to take 2nd for Valentin and a last to 5th charge for Charles giving both guys direct transfer to the double points Superfinal.

The 2019 AXUK Tour came down to this race and It was another fighting performance from both riders who have never stopped giving it their all for the team. Valentin gated brilliantly again and came out of the carnage a strong 3rd which he would run till the end while Charles was buried at the back and began what would be a great recovery ride to blast to 6th at the chequers.

AXUK Pro Team Champions

Valentin Teillet – 2nd Pro Lites Championship

Charles Lefrançois – 2nd Pro AX 450 Championship

Geoff Walker.

“This is absolutely incredible…. I have some big emotions about this championship as it means so much to everyone involved in what we do and to me personally. All the work we do to bring the team to the highest level is all about these moments of emotion, respect and success. The tough run on the physical side meant we were not at our best but the fight from the hearts of both our amazing racers showed everything about our spirit and fighting nature as a team. To come back from so many points behind in the Pro Team Championship to take victory is absolutely insane and I thank both Charles and Valentin for what can only be described as some miracle performances this weekend in circumstances which are difficult to comprehend. We never give up as a team and our crew are second to none when it comes to the spirit required to win in this tough environment. Thanks of course to all our amazing team partners for giving us the support to go racing at this highest level and thanks to the organisers and fans for making each event very special for everyone involved in this amazing sport”

Valentin Teillet

“Everything is fantastic at this moment, I ride with the SR75 Suzuki team and my experience is amazing with the team and my bike. I have a difficult beginning and we all work very hard for this success. I enjoy making some final victories and I have had an incredible time racing my first ArenacrossUK Tour with this intense racing. To make this Team Championship is really feeling good for me and for my team mate Charles as we have good performances to make second place in our Championships. I thank Geoff and my team Paul, Tony and Luke for every work and I thank the team sponsors and the organisation for everything”

Charles Lefrançois

“At this moment I am very happy for this team success for everyone. I work very very hard for making victory tonight for my championship and for the team and I wanted to win very much some final. I was not in my best condition but I make no excuse because I race to win every time for my team. My experience has been fantastic and I thank Geoff and all on the SR75 Suzuki Crew for giving me the best bikes and equipment. I say a big thank you to Tony, Paul, Luke and to all the team sponsors and fans who come to enjoy this special AXUK Tour. Thank you to all.