Photo credits: Nathan Gudefin

The SR75 Suzuki World Team is absolutely stoked to announce that our superstar racer, Thomas Ramette, is hitting the track for Round 1 of the French SX Tour this Saturday. This epic event kicks off another season of high-octane action, and we can’t wait to see Thomas tear it up out there.

Thomas Ramette has been a total game-changer for us. With his superb skills and fearless attitude, he’s rocked the Supercross world and racked up a ton of victories with team over the years, including winning the SX Tour Championship. The French SX Tour has been one of Thomas’s favourite playgrounds, where he’s nailed some epic podium finishes and wowed crowds with his awesome rides.

The French SX Tour is where Thomas has really shown what he’s made of. It’s his home turf, and he always brings his A-game. His killer racing skills and never-give-up spirit have made him a fan favourite and a nightmare for the competition.

But it’s not just the French SX Tour where Thomas has shone. He’s been tearing it up in other European race series too, snagging multiple championships and proving he can dominate on any track, anywhere. His versatility and raw talent work hand-in-hand with the SR75 Suzuki World Team’s ethos as a top contender in the world of Supercross.

Geoff Walker, Team Manager, can’t wait for the weekend. “We’re so pumped to see Thomas rip it up in Round 1 of the French SX Tour. He’s got the skills, the drive, and the heart of a champion. We know he’s gonna deliver an epic performance this Saturday. Let’s go, Thomas!”

As we get ready for this awesome event, we want to shout out a massive THANK YOU to all our sponsors, partners, and fans. You guys rock and we couldn’t do this without your support. Get ready for an electrifying season and join us in cheering on Thomas Ramette as he kicks off another thrilling chapter in his racing journey.

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Photo credits: Nathan Gudefin