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AXUK rounds 1 and 2

Our SR75 SUZUKI AX experiment got underway at the weekend in Belfast.

Taking a young rider who has never raced at national level on a dirt bike and putting him in at the deep end at the awesome AXUK championship.

Sam Dyer raced the AXUK FUTURES his SR75 RMZ250 on Friday and Saturday at the SSE Arena in Belfast in front of thousands of fans in what is a life changing experience.

Sam alongside his Teammate Luke Oldfield who took a last minute opportunity to race the AXUK PRO-AM class wore big smiles all weekend and took every moment of the experience to gain new skills and begin to learn this totally unique form of racing.

Over both days both Sam and Luke went through a really steep learning curve with two different formats for each guy.,

Sam in the Futures class has two timed sessions followed by an afternoon FUTURES FINAL and a night show Futures Final.

Luke in Pro Am has two timed sessions followed by a qualifying race to find the top 12 racers for the night show. It’s brutal as there are no second chances and this is great as it’s all about making it happen and learning to deal with the pressure.

The first sessions were pretty tense as the guys learnt the track and tried to find some rhythm on the track.

Both Luke and Sam loosened up each lap and put in solid times to allow them to start on the inside half of the gate for their qualifier heat race and first Futures Final respectively.

Luke rode solid on his RMZ450 to take 4th in his heat and transfer to the night show making his first Pro Am final. Awesome.

Sam made a solid start on his RMZ250 and he was under orders to ride solid laps in his first ever indoor race. SD was tense and incredibly nervous during his first Final and with incredible consistency and only a few mistakes he finished his first final in an awesome 3rd place.

The nights show was a blast with both riders looking forward to performing in front of thousands of AXUK fans.

Luke was up first for the Pro Am final and he ran as high as 4th on lap 1 before getting ‘bumped’ around and dropping back a couple of places. Some solid laps to gain experience and Lukey was looking to retake some places when he made a slip in a bowl turn. 11th place and some brilliant experience gained to make it through to the final with some brilliant riders in his stacked class.

Sam was gaining In confidence and rode some solid early laps while others where making mistakes and he ran as high as 2nd place… SD tightened up a little and lost rhythm half way through allowing 3rd place to put a move on him ending in both guys going down. This is all part of Arenacross racing and Sam got up and got on with it to finish 6th to go 3-6 for the day.

Saturday early sessions where all

about finding a little more intensity and Lukey sure got his intensity on…. The young man sent it into the whoops like Kenny Roczen but unfortunately for Lukey he is a little ‘early’ in his learning to attack the whoops at warp speed…. Coming back down to earth with a massive bump made for an uncomfortable finish to the session and a tentative heat race which unfortunately ended with a tough block take out and no night show for Luke. The guy was brilliant to get up, dust off and still give it everything to try to get through. Let’s go Lukey

Saturday was a big day for Sam to progress in his riding to loosen up and find some fun in his riding. The day was all about better technique and getting in tune with racing in the intensity and being aware of speed between the rhythm sections.

SD started to have a little more flow and enjoyment as the day and night progressed.

4th in the first Saturday final once again put Sam in a good position to go for the podium.

Another solid first lap on the night show Final seen Sam in touch with the leaders but an unfortunate crash resulted in accidental contact with another rider in a bowl turn when Sam was going for a solid pass.

SD got up ‘moved’ the other bike and proceeded to ride his best laps of the weekend showing incredible speed and technique in the whoops for someone with this little experience to end up 6th in this final.

Geoff Walker

“The guys had an incredible weekend and the best thing about this for us as a team is the speed these guys are learning this brilliant form of racing.

Their Suzuki bikes were amazing all weekend and the crew of Tony and Wayne kept everything perfect. Both Sam and Luke are willing to learn and it is great to see the smiles every session they come in from the track.

A massive thanks to Suzuki, Triwater and all our team partners for their support and a big thanks to Arenacross UK and all their crew for putting on a great series.

Sam Dyer

“I’m blown away by the experience so far, I can’t believe I’m doing the series and how much I have learnt in such a short time. My bike is brilliant and the team have given me a great set up to try to learn all I can and have fun racing some really good racers. Thanks to Suzuki and everyone else who makes this possible, I can’t tell you how much fun this is”

Luke Oldfield

“I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect from myself after the late call up and I now know how tough this is, the Pro Am class is stacked with great riders and we have had a great time banging bars and having fun while I try to increase my intensity and speed. The race bike is incredible and I know how privileged I am to get the opportunity to Race Arenacross. I took a big hit on day 2 but some physio after work this week and I will be ready to have another wild couple of days in Aberdeen for rounds 3 and 4.

Thanks to Suzuki and all the team sponsors”


Photos credit: The Locals