PRO HEXIS SUPERCROSS – ROUND 2 – La Bosse de Bretagne France

A full gas and brilliant weekend for Charles Lefrancois and the SR75 World Team.

The weekend action was intense for SR75 Team Pro Charles Lefrancois as he went into the second round of the epic Pro Hexis Supercross Tour. As always we aim for the podium and after a fantastic timed qualifying session Charles sat in a superb 3rd place and he was super pumped for the 3 main event format to kick off at this his ‘home’ race in Northern France.

It has been a long few weeks with Charles recovering from his crash before the Las Vegas Supercross Finale in May and he is getting back to some of his better form at the races and this is fantastic to see after all the hard work from Charles in the USA.

The three final format is a great test for every racer as consistency is key. Unfortunately Charles would score his worst result of the finals in the first outing as he battled for a disappointing 6th at the flag.

This result did not reflect Charles speed but the margins are very fine with every race in Supercross so this has to be the worst score….. Charles dug in in final two to score a great 4th place and showing the speed for podium.

The 3rd Final would see a more customary and brilliant holeshot from the #225 SR75 Suzuki and Charles enjoyed a brilliant race at the front of an incredible field of pros. This is fantastic for confidence and leading main events is what we have always done. Charles lost some rhythm in the last couple of laps and would end up 3rd in the ‘final final’ after both Greg Aranda and Izoird made solid moves leaving Charles 3rd and Cedric Soubeyras 4th.
Charles made it to 5th overall with the points all very close between the top riders.

After the late finish in the early hours of Sunday morning Charles ‘Ironman’ Lefrancois made his way to the MX JHE Event for three hard MX Moto’s on an incredible circuit.
Charles raced his SR75 ‘MX’ Version race bike and had a fantastic day taking three brilliant moto wins and the overall.

A very tired and happy Charles had this to say.
“This weekend has been great for my speed and confidence. I have been disappointed with some results since my return from the USA and I know now I was recovering. Now I feel my speed is returning and I am happy. My bikes are working great and I feel fast. I am dissatisfied with 5th overall at Pro Hexis but I know my speed was good and I am excited for the next few weeks racing Pro Hexis and SX Tour….. I enjoyed my MX Racing and now I am for sure feeling fitter and stronger every day. I am having fun and I thank all my team, family, sponsors and the great fans at all our Supercross and Motocross races this year”

Geoff Walker

“Charles has had a bit of a tough run since the USA and we have all wanted things to be just a little sharper and stronger. Charles is now returning to good form and confidence which is really cool. This guy works very very hard and we want nothing but the ultimate success for Charles. A big thanks to everyone involved in what we do at all levels from the very top with Charles performing and showing more strength to our grass roots crew where we grabbed another ‘triple win’ with young Sam Dyer on his SR75 RMZ250 taking 3 holeshots and 3 victories in his Senior Class Racing at Bromyard in the South West of the U.K.
We all thank every one of our team partners and technical sponsors for their support as well as all our friends and SR75 Family around the globe”

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